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December 25, 2015

It's been awhile since i posted something on my blogspot. I saw my latest post is on September, and now we're already in the end of December. Almost the end of 2016. So sorry i couldn't update any feeds lately. you know it was not so easy to have 2 role at the same time, a teacher while a student of college. i skipped to tell you how my first day for being a teacher and also being a student literally (again) was. But i promise to write it down someday.

Every year has their own storm, but i know very well that we always have our own strength to go over it. And for everything happened in this year, it shows me how amazing 2015! I couldn't even imagine, i through many ups and downs in this year with a bunch of drama moves (tetep ya). Graduated, officially a teacher and be a student (again), met so many new friends, having a challenging learning environment, and being single for the whole year should be an awesome experience, yes? HAHA

I know, the list of my dream still exist to be achieved, so let continue the hard work, say no to drama (please?), and stay positive. The year ahead should be much better, and you deserve it if you believe and strive for it. Again, ask to your self, are you happy enough? If the answer is not, maybe you're in a wrong way to enjoy the life.