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October 24, 2011


subhanallah...couldn't saying anything. just have to try in my daily :)

long long long time no see

since i was entering the third semester, i have no time for writting everything on my blogspot. almost. i hate it surely. it seems that i couldn't manage my time well till for saying hello and writting a little a bit moment a day on this page is so hard to do. i'm not lazy, i have so much story fulfill my brain. my finger felt so itchy to write or type many words i can say to flare up my heart and what i feel nowadays.

i still type some words on my tumblr, but it is not enough. even tumblr has same function with blog but tumblr is too open for everyone and i need something that i could tell a long long story (whatever) and it doesn't appear to any people except if their write my blog url in their blog roll. yeah and i miss my blogspot. i miss when i can write everyday without any skip even only a day.

exam, assigment, drawing book, BEM's duty, praktikum sheet, jurnal and soon succeed avoid my self for writting and futher continuing and finishing them in time. i'm not dissapointed it is just some sadness and self thinking that i couldn't be like this for long time.

i still need this blog, and i have to keep it well even my words is not good enough for public with many grammatical error lol oke let start blogging! no matter whatever assingment and fuck yeah mahasiswa's activity :D