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October 02, 2016

It's A Boy!

I almost forgot to introduce you that my family got a new member. Yeayyyyyy! I'm sooo teared up yet excited to know the baby. He was born officially on August 31. That day, my whole family was given such a bunch of blessing. He comes to the world. Hizam Ismail Rasyad really does. Alhamdulillahirabbilalamin....I'm now an aunty and my brother officially become a dad. It just beyond blessing, beyond happines all the time when i met him for the first time. I saw he was slept peacefully, then crying out when i have to go, back to Bandung. Kakak Izam, are you still miss me? hehehe. Now, even i can't stop looking to every picts of him that my bro send via whatsapp. Seeing him, even only a pict of his sleeping just makes me happy. Wondering how it can be like in the future when he could talk to me and call me "Tacaaaaaaa (Tante Caca)." 

Dear Kaka Izam, 
I really can't wait to know you more hehe. Please grow up healthily, my love. 
Aunty will help you to see the goods of this world.

Sayang Kakak Izam,

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